Friday, December 27, 2013

Twenty years ago I was a homeschool skeptic

Twenty years ago, I was a homeschool skeptic.  Twenty years ago, when my wife suggested that we homeschool, I suspected it was a fad or a phase. Twenty years ago, when we got pushback about homeschooling from friends and family, I pushed back too. But I read a few studies, figured I could always put my foot down later, and I let my wife have her way.

Twenty years later, I’m a stay-at-home homeschooling dad and an ardent homeschool supporter.  Homeschooling worked. It provided my children individualized one-on-one instruction specific to their learning styles. Homeschooling was flexible and efficient and it produced well-socialized young adults who are adjusting successfully to college and careers.  

Occasionally I see families getting serious pushback online about their decision to homeschool. When that happens, other homeschoolers (moms mostly) offer their support, but I don’t see many dads chiming in. I’m chiming in. 

Homeschooling has worked for our children and for the hundreds of homeschoolers I’ve known. Homeschooling can work for your children too. If you’ve been led to homeschool, do it. And if you get pushback, tell the doubters they can email me at

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